Intelligent City Management System

PROLAN provides an intelligent city management system for local governments to develop a sustainable settlement. Our intelligent city management system is a customized system created from the compilation of several product elements.

With our public lighting management system, ECLIPSE, we have created a central map based management system, which, besides regulating the state of the luminaires and the brightness, also offers the opportunity to serve other urban needs.
Based on our on-board equipment, it is possible to plan and track down the waste transport routes and the settlement operation and, in the case of flood risk settlements, is an effective tool for local intervention.
Our measurement data collection systems allow public institutions to have a unified reading of public utilities and the development of a corresponding energy profile, helping efficient management.
By integrating a number of collecting sensors into the system, such as traffic counts, weather and air quality data sensors, the system can be supplemented.

As a medium-sized company with a long history in Hungary, we are able to tailor our systems and tools to meet local government needs, and we can also make individual orders.