RCM is a device for installing and testing RKV receivers manufactured by Prolan Inc. The device supports Type-A and Type-B.

The RCM can also be used as a radio station so the RKV receiver can be tested even if the broadcast is paused or is of poor quality. The RCM can transmit any telegrams to the RKV receiver within 1 meter radius. During production, both the transmitter and receiver frequency can be set to the frequency of the Burgi, Lakihegy, and Mainflingen radio stations.

Features of the unit:

  • Check the functionality of the RKV receiver, check its functionality
  • Analysis of the surrounding radio field and noise spectrum
  • Send long-wave wireless telegrams
  • Query the parameters of the device
  • Download new firmware and parameter settings in a documented way

Another unique feature of the device is the radio field and noise spectrum analyzer. It helps to detect environmental radio signals and noise that can be seen in graphical form, which affects the reception of RKVs.

The device can modify the operating parameters of the exchangeable software on a pendrive. Newer software can be downloaded from the website so that changes made by the manufacturer Prolan Zrt. Can be followed.

The box of the device is resistant to mechanical stress and is watertight in the circuit except for the connectors. It is powered by 4 AA batteries with up to 10 hours of continuous operation. The batteries can be charged with the supplied charger within 1-2 hours, but the device can also be used with an external power supply.


  • RCM-0 - Basic packing
  • RCM-P - RKV parameterization
  • RCM-F - RKV firmware update
  • RCM-R - Radio Receiver Features: Field Meter, Telegraphic Display
  • RCM-T - Radio Receiver Features: Remote Transmitter, Time Signal Transmitter
  • RCM-A - All features


  • Prolan infra head
  • Memory Key - 1GB    
  • Batteries - 4xAA batteries    
  • Battery Charger
  • Carrying case
Protocol Type-A, Type-B
Frequency 1356/1291/1390 Hz (type dependent)