Intelligent Public Lighting Control System (ECLIPSE)

Street lighting services

The devices developed by Prolan for performing radio ripple control and smart metering tasks (ProMTEC, RKV) can be rendered capable of realizing public lighting supervisory and control functions as well.

    Public Lighting Control Systems represent a step in the direction of customizable, energy-efficient public lighting services which especially municipalities can make use of
    Public Lighting Supervisory Systems support maintenance and operation of public lighting by conveying real time information to make troubleshooting more effective.

The two systems are available either independently or as a combined solution.

An average street lighting system can unnecessarily be in operation for 4100 hours in a year. If converted into energy this term represents approximately 30% of the total consumption. By having exploited the energy saving opportunities we created a street lighting system which excels not only in being cost-efficient but also in providing a multitude of extra services. The new functions make possible for our buyers to tailor the street lighting services to their needs with even each street lighting area being differently served and to receive immediate feedback on operational failures to prevent further accident incidents.

Prolan is committed to provide long-lasting and future proof solutions to their partners and supports them via offering complex financial-service packages to enhance procurement.