MBH Macronome Macroverzum conference


Dániel Mráz, our CEO attended this year's MBH Macronome Macroverzum conference.

The event was visited by a number of Hungarian companies that have successfully entered and established themselves on the international market – becoming so called national champions.

The conference focused on the features necessairy to make Hungarian companies, products and brands competitive, well-known and sought after on international markets. In addition, participants discussed financing solutions, incentives, support schemes and institutions to support domestic companies who wish to enter foreign markets.

During the panel discussion on "Corporate Success Stories", our CEO referred to Prolan Zrt, as a classic Hungarian company development story.

Our company specialises in hardware, software and electronics manufacturing and is located in the Budakalász area. We developed on-board locomotive computers, that are installed on all MÁV and GYSEV vehicles. Furthermore, our energy data collection system developed for Deutsche Bahn, is now installed on 5,000 German locomotives. We are very proud to be able to offer such products, that actually opened up the opportunities in France and other foreign markets in Europe. In addition to our traffic control and protection equipments, our electrical solutions, such as the B-tariff, are used in cca 600,000 households. We started to build up our German market seven years ago and have 70,000 households using our devices by now. Our large railway systems are also found almost all over the world, including Turkey and Bulgaria, where we are present with our overhead line energy remote control systems."

Based on scuh experience, our foreign markets are clarly focused now, concentrating on the German region, where we are particularly active.

Source : https://index.hu/gazdasag/2024/06/13/magyarorszag-balkan-mbh-makronom-makroverzum-konferencia-export-bajnok/