Corporate Social Responsibility

Important for us to make a sustainable environment and society within and outside our business. For these purposes, we are actively involved in several areas.
Important for us that our colleagues are regularly and happy to join our public outreach activities, fundraising and helping work.
Our public activity has already taken on a broad spectrum when "social responsibility" has become an unknown concept in public life: from public waste collection to helping people with disabilities, flood control in the Danube and support for dog places, including helping local sports life and retirement programs .
Since 2017 we have been thinking about CSR, a strategic approach. We turn our attention to the next generations, to the children. In view of this, we see school classes hosted in the presentation of professional days, we support the training of teachers in the development of empathy skills, which has been especially welcomed and considered as a niche in local educational institutions. With our professional days, we aim to help the children's career at this age. For our grandparents our support for the Széchenyi Mountain Children's Railway is a learning opportunity and experience. Our winning Family-friendly Job title is our recognition and confirmation of our activity.

We also regularly report on our activities among our news.