Our remote control system (ELPULT) is implemented in a significant part of the Hungarian railway network and it facilitates the central traffic control and control (CTC, CTS) with full funcionality. This involves a number of our subsystems and devices (switch point heating, train sensors, etc.) and our overhead power line management system (FET). All locomotives in Hungary have been equipped with our on-board locomotives computer (MFB), which turned to be the basic tool for managinging the entire railway fleet and related resources (HR, railine capacities, fuel, etc.). We have significant competencies in the safety critical system development (safety integrity level , SIL4): the various applications of our ProSigma base product, using the principle of "2oo3" principle, is the fundament of a new, highly sophisticated product portfolio.

Complex Railway Traffic Control and Dispatcher Center

Traditionally, we produce substation data collection devices (RTU) and dispatching centers (SCADA) for the electrical industry (Transmission and Distribution System Operators), our references are also to be found in the oil and gas industry and waterworks. These two areas now operate as independent subsidiaries, such as Prolan Power Zrt. and Prolan Innolab Kft. Another basic product is the so-called long-wave radio ripple control receiver (RKV) and the audio-frequency receiver (HKV) that are installed at consumers for managing special tariff usage. Beside our key customers in Hungary we also sell them to utilities in Germany. Our ongoing development aims to provide a broad range of products that meet the needs of intelligent networks, such as remote meter reading (AMR), versatile local data collection and processing (C-RTU), devices for monitoring low-voltage networks and relay devices required by German service providers , and the remote management system for public and space lighting networks (ECLIPSE).

Public lighting is a network that comprehensively covers living areas. As it has a significant asset value and plays an important role in public, property and accident security, we have created a system that is capable of real-time monitoring and more efficient operation of such an extensive network. This is called ECLIPSE. Using it, the operation data of the public lighting or industrial area lighting of all luminaires can be centrally displayed, and even the length of working hours of luminaries as well as the luminance can be adjusted according to actual needs (by timetables or sensors). This ensures more economical maintenance, longer lifespan, lower light pollution and electricity consumption can be significantly reduced! For industrial and commercial facilities, economics of the investment in upgrading their lighting can also be monitored by Eclipse. In accordance with the local government's needs, the network of Eclipse, which is capable of bidirectional communication, is also capable of smart city functions. Eclipse allows you to collect, map, and analyze air quality data, meteorological, traffic and other information.


We develop proprietary control technologies and build innovative,, in many cases even safety critical systems. Maintaining this ability and capacity will make us a competent and valuable partner for close cooperation with universities and research institutes.

Through partnerships with universities, we also give students an opportunity to join in the work of PROLAN, to gain practical experience in development and application areas, and to earn money by being part of our internship programme at PROLAN. By that graduates receive attractive job offers and a career opportunity at our group of companies.

In case of the non-refundable grants received for product development as well as for R&D activities the role of applied research and industrial development play a significant role. Therefore the necessary professional and theoretical background is typically ensured by the active cooperation of our university partners.

Being a specialist in the automation of power industry the demands and opportunities driving from the electromobility are essential to us. This dynamically growing segment brings new players, new business models and new technologies. We shape both our exisiting product portfolio and ongoing developments according to that.

Our public lighting remote control system, Eclipse is able to manage sharging points or chargers integrted to lamp poles remotely. SolarTree, our photo-voltaic covering for car parks also able to include charger. By that the renewable energy generated can be utilized directly.

We develped a product line under the name ProEVC  to cover the needs of e-mobility. This ranges from an ergonomic outdoor charging station that is recognized as an emblematic street furniture, through indoor wall mounted charging points up to test device for chargers and charger controller unit as a key component of all.

The development of our PROLAN Virtual Power Plant opens new perspectives for municipalities, self-organizing territorial units and other groups of energy consumers. Our system helps to achieve local balance of energy production, storage and consumption, where e-mobility is a key component.

PROLAN Electronic Manufacturing Servinces Kft. offers manufacturing, assembly and related services of electronic devices that meet strict quality requirements (procurement, testing, packaging, logistics, etc.). Our preferred lot size is small and medium. Our factory is the successor of the tranditional electronics assembly plant of the Budapest Telephone Factory, having over 100 years of track record. We have purchased it in 1996. PROLAN's mass products such as special safety-critical products are also being produced here. Most of the revenue however is generated by external clients, medical device manufacturers, vehicle and machine companies, and other large Western European companies.

ProlanFest #3

For the third time, our company is organizing the ProlanFest, our professional open day.

Tapasztalt JAVA fejlesztő-tesztelő

Vasút-automatizálás üzletágunk csapata keresi kollégáját.

The 66th Summit of MEE

We have been participating as an exhibitor at the MEE’s Summit this year too. The 66th Summit will be held from the 18th to the 20th of September at Kölcsey Center in Debrecen.

Prolan National Gymnastics Championship 2019

Prolan National Gymnastics Championship for women and men was organized. Congratulations on the achieved results!

Internship at Prolan

We are proud of the fact that this year more engineering students spend their internship at our company.

Prolan Summer Day Camp

We launched Prolan Summer Day Camp for our children and grandchildren for the third time.