Locomotive On-board Computer (MFB)

The Locomotive On-board Computer, MFB, which has been developed under the guidance of the professionals of MÁV (the Hungarian State Railways) Co. Traction Department, is part of MÁV’s future complex Traction Supervisory System (TSS). The device contains integrated GSM and GPS services. The on-board computer continuously provides data to the dispatching centre regarding current position, operation status and mechanical parameters of the traction vehicle.

The LOC is a modular system built in 19-inches rack modules communicating through CAN. Every module has its own processor unit including power supply unit.


The functions of the device:

  •     Automatically connects to the main supervisory system of traction vehicles and engine drivers
  •     Management of the electronic logbook
  •     Realizes the supervision of the electric traction energy on diesel and electric locomotives. Measurement of heating electric energy on diesel locomotives with less than 1% accuracy, collection of digital signals from external sources between 12V and 230V, AC/DC, in the range of 4 to 20mA
  •     Automatic measurement of the fuel flowing to and from the feeder, sending reports to the dispatch centre in case of unaccounted fuel consumption
  •     Supervision of the engine’s activity, support of engine’s diagnostic and maintenance, collection of digital signals supplied by the relay contactors, and counting the operating hours of mechanical machinery

The fail-safe operation of the LOC is crucial in supervising railway systems. The device is also a basis of the visual and automatic voice passenger information available through an Internet connection.