Environmental Declaration

Environmental Statement

Conformity of WEEE
(DIRECTIVE 2012/19/EU OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 4 July 2012 on waste electrical and electronic equipment)

1. Environmental protection at PROLAN Co.

Prolan Co. takes requirements into account that have positive impact on the environment, health and safety, for the sake of environmentally conscious product development. We comply to all national and local regulations pertaining to our entire product range. We strive to the prudent and reasonable usage of the natural resources.

RoHS - Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive limits the use of six hazardous materials in the manufacture of various types of electronic and electrical equipments sold within the territory of the European Union. Recognizing the importance of environmental, health and safety point of views, Prolan applies these restrictions for their products placed on the market within the territory of a Member State.

The WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive) refers to new products and spareparts sold after 13, August 2005. This requires taking appropriate measures so that the ecodesign requirements facilitating re-use and treatment of WEEE are applied. Devices falling within the scope of this Directive must be marked with the WEEE symbol(crossed-out wastebin) to minimising the disposal of WEEE as unsorted municipal waste and to facilitating its separate collection. The production date or a black line below the WEEE logo shall clearly indicate that the launch was after 13 August 2005.

2. Our Products

Our products are sold exclusively to industrial and public institutions. Each of the following product ranges belongs to the Monitoring and control instruments category.

  •     Automatic Meter Reading
  •     Ripple Control Receiver and Tone Frequency Receiver
  •     Intelligent Public Lighting Control System
  •     I/O modules
  •     Processor modules
  •     Analogue measuring unit

3. Safely remove batteries and accumulators

The electrical and electronic equipments of Prolan Process Co. are designed that battery and accumulators can be removed easily and safely by consumers or by professionals from the separately collected WEEE. Manual is provided referring the battery removal possibility.

Prolan Process Co. informs the consumer and distributor about the type of the battery in the manual of the electrical, electronic device.

4. Disposal and recycling of packaging and products

Prolan Process Co. is committed and strives to meet the legislation in effect in the destination countries referring products and packaging.

Prolan ripple control receivers are in plastic enclosures which are recyclable. The plastic enclosures are recycled by the manufacturer of them.

The selective collection of the metal electrical enclosures is organized, the treatment is carried out by an authorized qualified organization.

Only ROHS compliant parts are built into our products. We strive to minimize the proportion of leady solder in our products in line with the legislations.

Our products include PCB, metal, colored metal, plastic and electronic components (e.g. integrated circuits, resistors, capacitors), which do not require special handling beyond the usual electronic waste treatment during the disassemble process.

We strive to reuse packaging materials for our own product packaging. The the packaging material waste is selectively collected and transported by an authorized qualified organization.

Prolan Process Co. satisfies the duties prescribed by the Hungarian law referring to the financial contribution to constitutes a governmental fund for WEEE treatment by weight.

5. Application of the principles of safe disposal of waste

The WEEE symbol placed on the product or the packaging of the product means the prohibition of disposal WEEE as unsorted municipal waste because it could cause irreversible damage to the environment.

Our company undertakes a recycling role in the waste recovery process at their given sites collecting WEEE free of charge. Prolan Process Co. ensures the waste (equipments and spare parts) are properly selected on its headquarter. In order to guarantee the safety and health of our personnel involved in the take-back and handling of WEEE, Hungary as a Member State, in accordance with national and Union legislation on safety and health requirements, determined the conditions under which take-back may be refused by distributors.

6. WEEE taking back process at Prolan Process Co.

Electrical and electronic equipments sold by Prolan Process Co. or, similar products in terms of their nature and function, are taken back if offered by our customer. Take-back process takes place in accordance with Government Decree 197/2014 (VIII.1) at the following site: Prolan Process Co, H-2011 Budakalász, Szentendrei út 1-3.