Corporate Policy


Prolan top management is committed to fulfil the highest level requirements of our customers, business partners, other interested parties and meet legal requirements. We are committed to maintain and continuously improve our Integrated Management System. Our primary goals are to continuously improve customer satisfaction by meeting customer needs according to the agreed terms, to comply with the relevant laws, regulations and legal requirements, to maintain the trust of our customers, to preserve the reputation of Prolan, and to ensure and strengthen our market position in the field of development and implementation of control systems.

To this end,

  • we offer our customers consistent, reliable, high-quality, state of the art products and impeccable services;
  • we evaluate and manage risks, improve our business processes, integrated management system and communication skills in order to achieve company goals - with understanding Prolan's internal and external environment and stakeholders’ need
  • we strive to use up to date, safe and eco-friendly technologies in product development and service delivery geared to quality improvement and cost efficiency;
  • we provide for our employees appropriate responsibility structures for the effective, committed work, opportunities for professional development, a demanding, attractive, safe working environment and willingness for consultation on these;
  • we encourage our employees to contribute creatively to reach company goals and to increase process efficiency;
  • we strive to prevent pollution, reduce environmental impact and energy consumption by increasing our employees' responsibility for the environment;
  • we set our environmental objectives based on the real and potential environmental impacts, and we use the resources efficiently and cost-effectively to achieve them;
  • we strive to establish long-lasting partnerships based on mutual benefit with our suppliers, subcontractors and partners;
  • we pay special attention to information security, whether handling personal data of our employees or information provided by our business partners or information generated during our business processes;

We design and operate our management system, business activities and services in such a way that our partners operating critical infrastructure can comply with the relevant legal requirements.

Corporate policy is equal, synchronized and inseparably part to the Prolan's overall policy and strategy.

Budakalász, July 01. 2019


Ervin Szabó
General Director
Technical and product development area
Prolan Zrt.

Mráz Daniel
General Manager
Economic and Business Development Area
Prolan Zrt.

Gergő Móczár
Managing Director
Prolan Innolab Ltd.