Control Centers (SCADA)

ZEUS is a special version of XGRAM SCADA system used for power industry application as Local Data Displays and Control Centres. The system operates on Red Hat Enterprise version of Linux operating system. Besides the basic SCADA functions of collecting, processing and visualizing data, alarm monitoring and trends, our system provides voltage-dependant colouring of the topology, video surveillance of switching operations, sending e-mail or SMS messages and archive playback.

Our ZEUS Local Data Display operates on all of the substations of EdF DÉMÁSZ and Northern Hungarian Electric Utility Company (ÉMÁSZ) and most of the substations of EED and EED Ltd. The Regional Dispatching Centre (KDSZ) of EdF DÉMÁSZ and the 5 Control Centres and Main Control Centre of The Hungarian Transmission System Operator Co. Ltd. (MAVIR) are also based on ZEUS.