PRORIS interlocking product family

The development of PRORIS railway interlocking product family has been started back in 2017. PRORIS-H represents a hybrid-elelctronic interlocking system built upon a modernized relay core and offers broad range of services: those of any other electronic interlockings or even more. This full fledged interlocking has received the Preliminary Approval in April 2020 and has been installed at Gyál station in cooperation with MÁV Hungarian Railways, and put into operation in August 2020. PRORIS-H corresponds to all requirements of the Hungarian railway network and is in line with the international standards.
The all electronic interlocking version of PRORIS product family, the PRORIS-E is currently under development.

Key features of PRORIS-H:

  • Rack mounted relay core entails the key interlocking algorithms and has the most modern diagnostics.  
  • Highly flexible interface to various field equipments (level-crossings, block interlockings, switch point machine, etc.)
  • Proprietary developed Cenelec SIL4 industrial computer, called ProSigma-B completes the relay core with further interlocking features, collects signals, sends commands and offers flexible interface both to local and remote HMI or to ETCS.
  • HMI is compatible with ELPULT, the remote traffic management terminal of Prolan developed for traditional relay based interlockings.
  • Comprehensive logs and central traffic management features.

Benefits of infrastructure operators: PRORIS interlocking product family is enabled for remote management without the need for any extensions, it spares space and time due to the rack mounted set and easy indoor installation & configuration as well as assists the maintenance team by offering broad range of diagnostics.