Prolan Energy Meter Gateway (PEMG)

The EU standard EN 50463 entered into force in 2014, sets out the rules for measuring and transmitting data on the electrical energy consumption of rail traction vehicles.

The standard will be mandatory within its scope (European Union) on 31 December 2018.

Due to the energy allocation situation in 2020, the importance of measuring and accurately accounting for energy in proportion to its use has increased.

The Prolan PEMG device is connected to the certified measuring equipment installed on the railway traction vehicles and is capable to both receive and read data directly from the equipment and transmit the generated (digitally signed, encrypted) data record in compliance with the standard to the receiving unit (DCS) via 4G (3G / GPRS / GSM if required) mobile network.

Key features:

  • The device is enabled to read or receive data from the vehicle installed equipment performing a certified energy measurement task,
  • Additionally, it can perform the calculation and data storage tasks specified in the standard,
  • It is suitable for compiling and transmitting data records with data content and format according to the protocol defined in the standard on GSM (mainly 4G) networks,
  • Complies with the operational, privacy, encryption and other requirements specified in the standard.

Certificates: RED, EN 45545, EC, EN 50463, EN 50121-3-2, EN 61373

With the implementation of our PEMG device the electricity suppliers will be able to receive real, authentic energy consumption data directly integrated into their own system, thus enabling the possibility of usage-based settlements.