Ripple Control Receiver and Tone Frequency Receiver (HKV-RKV)

RKV and HKV device family

Prolan has developed its own device compatible with “Type-B” radio ripple control systems called PROLAN Radio Ripple Control Receiver (RRCR-B).

Devices developed and manufactured by Prolan are compliant with industrial de facto standards:

  • Integrated long wave radio receiver and switching clock function controlled by a microprocessor
  • Suitable for every traditional long wave controlling and switching tasks as well as for the combination of these functions
  • In case of disconnection of the long wave control it can be used as a switching clock
  • Compatible with multiple data transmission protocols

One main feature of the devices manufactured by Prolan is locating the direction of the optimal signal strength automatically. This functionality facilitates the mounting and maintenance tasks of the system.

The second generation of the device has been available since the spring of 2009 equipped with three output relays according to the Hungarian needs and Type-B protocol. Another version of the product is available equipped with 6 output relays. Both versions are also available with the Versacom protocol.

The refined versions of the devices have been available from the beginning of 2010 which can be located anywhere in the reception area of the transmitter, or can be used for controlling street-lighting systems. Development of software used to configure, test and manufacture the device was an important part of our work. The RCM test device with signal level measurement and transmitter unit facilitates the commissioning of the system.