BME Job Fair

Prolan Group was present with its own booth.


Closing of GYSEV CTC project

The railway project of PROLAN has been the biggest professional success of the project, the realization of GYSEV NagyKÖFI. In a project, a GYSEV, about 420 line meters, all 47 rail stations and several s...


The train is no longer running

Budakalász, Lenfonó! A passenger car came from Halberstadt as a new community place for the company.


More than 25 years in control technology

Ervin Szabó, Chief Executive Officer, has produced the Industry History Magazine, which is published in the autumn of 2016. In addition, a quarter-hour interview with TrendFM was conducted on intelligent public lighting.


SmartCity developments are unstoppable

Zsolt Borkai, Mayor of Győr; Ákos Kara, State Secretary for Infocommunication and Consumer Protection; and Dr. Péter Földesi, Rector of Széchenyi István Univ...


New strategy of PROLAN

We are presenting current status of PROLAN and the events of the coming period, allowing our colleagues to review the company processes around us that affect them.