Prolan employees donate blood to help patients heal

Prolan employees were heroes again this year, in May, when the National Blood Service visited us with 4 beds and our employees donated blood to help patients, accident victims and surgeries!


Community Goals by Prolan Donations

At Prolan’s we are aware that our actions affect society. This influence is reached by technical innovations – as a socially accountable company we regularly help to implement corporate social responsibility programs. The Budakalasz Public Foundation of the local government and The Saint Francis Foundation of Deva reported the results of formerly received Prolan donations.


Tamás MOSÓ PhD. (1953-2020)

PhD Tamás Mosó, chief engineer and founding member of Prolan Process Co., passed away after a valiant battle with his illness. Tamás was a determining computer specialist who played a key role in the development of all the products of our company. His work sets an example for all of us!


Internship at Prolan

This year our interns are students from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics and the University of Óbuda.


30-year history of Prolan

This year, we commemorated the 30-year history of Prolan. We have celebrated the 30th anniversary of Prolan with our colleagues and their families at the Hungarian Railway Museum and Park. All pandemic regulations were strictly kept.


Prolan summer day camp

We started the fourth annual daycare camp at Prolan which aroused great interest.