Community Goals by Prolan Donations


At Prolan’s we are aware that our actions affect society. This influence is reached by technical innovations – as a socially accountable company we regularly help to implement corporate social responsibility programs. The Budakalasz Public Foundation of the local government and The Saint Francis Foundation of Deva reported the results of formerly received Prolan donations.

We proudly announce that more local community programs could be implemented with the help of Prolan contributions of 3 million HUF. Until this time disadvantaged children and local artists were supported through the local government’s Foundation, while next year a program will be offered for approximately 40 children with developmental risks.

In 2021 further 7 million HUF was donated to the National Blood Supply Service with the help of the Blood Drop for Blood Supply Foundation.

Paving stones formerly used at Prolan’s were placed by the Csobanka building of The Saint Francis Foundation of Deva.