Prolan employees donate blood to help patients heal


Prolan employees were heroes again this year, in May, when the National Blood Service visited us with 4 beds and our employees donated blood to help patients, accident victims and surgeries!

The importance of donating blood to the National Blood Service is becoming a tradition for us.

Why is blood donation so important?

"Blood is essential to treat patients in need and to save lives. According to current scientific knowledge, blood cannot be replaced, or artificially produced by anything else, but by donating blood only.

The annual blood supply of domestic health care institutions could be maintained by cca 390,000 donations per year, so a continuous, safe supply requires 1,600 to 1,800 donors daily - broken down by working days."


It is truly heart-warming for us that 32 of our employees have successfully donated blood, saving a total of 96 lives!

We also had 9 first blood donors, and a total of 14,400 ml of blood was drawn by the National Blood Service staff.

Thank you again to all who came forward and contributed by donating blood!

Anyone wishing to donate blood in the future, may find details on locations at the below link: