20th anniversary of Prolan Electronics Factory


Our production plant is the successor of the electronics assembly plant of the over 100-year-old telephone factory in Budapest, acquired in 2003 and integrated into the Prolan Group as Prolan Elektronikai Gyár Kft. Our Group's mass-produced products are manufactured here, along with electronic components for small-scale, safety-critical appliances. Our Prolan logo can be found in many places in the domestic electrical industry and on the railways, and thus the products manufactured in the Prolan Electronics Factory: Elpult cards enabling railway remote control, the overhead line energy remote control components (OCL), PRORIS signalling cards, communication units for locomotive energy meters (PEMG2), the HKV and RKV units switching the night-time electricity system, the AMR unit enabling remote reading of the meter, and the Z30 power falt indicator.

In addition to manufacturing our own products, the Electronics Plant is also involved in third party manufacturing of small and medium series electronic devices meeting strict quality requirements for both domestic and multinational customers.

We celebrated the 20th anniversary of Prolan Electronics Factory at our site in Budakalasz. The celebration also marked the one-year anniversary of the relocation of the manufacturing operations from the former location at Siemens' Gizella road premises to Prolan's new state-of-the-art facility. This allows Prolan products to be developed and manufactured at the same location, making our group's operations even more efficient.

We have eleven colleagues working with us since the establishment of Prolan Elektronikai Gyár Kft. On the occasion of the anniversary celebrations, they received a recognition certificate. We thank them and all our colleagues for their daily dedicated, quality work!

It was a pleasure to celebrate together and recall memories and anecdotes of the years past!