Closing of GYSEV CTC project


The railway project of PROLAN has been the biggest professional success of the project, the realization of GYSEV CTC. In a project, a GYSEV, about 420 line meters, all 47 rail stations and several stop stations were integrated into an integrated single rail monitoring system.

With the implemented system, GYSEV Zrt. Now Western railway companies can represent a similar level of service in traffic management. From the system, the RailwayBusiness Rail RegionalBahn provides a detailed description of the system that is still being transferred (

A brief summary of the developments:

Basic functionality

  • Creation of a 8-8-point control center at 4 locations (Csorna, Szombathely, Sopron, Emergency Control Center)
  • Station and spacing remote control (remote control of 36 stations)
  • Control of station and intermediate traffic
  • Optical Data Transmission System
  • Digital telecommunications and line radio systems
  • Audio and visual passenger information
  • Overhead power remote control and remote monitoring on the entire line network and at the 4 substation
  • Development and remote control of the alternating heating system
  • Illumination remote control
  • Fire and property protection system

In addition to the above, the project's development results are emphasized

  • Automatic train travel according to schedule in Hungary first!
  • Fully automatic passenger information based on planned and configured track routes
  • Connecting a remote control system and a GYSEV error log, automatic fault reset and handling
  • Automatically receive and manage restrictions for automatic train traffic and passenger information
  • Telephone calls from the KÖFI interface to the train drivers of the trains.

We are confident that the results of our company will be in the long run with the most satisfaction of domestic rail transport!