Hello fellow, I let the train depart!


Prolan has donated its Elpult system to Children’s Railway in Budapest. Children on duty have discovered and learnt the use of our system highly motivated and suprisingly quick.

In the frame of the programme ’involving Children’s railway into succession of experts in interlocking’ by MÁV Hungarian Railways a Domino 70 relay based interlocking system has been installed in Hűvösvölgy station and an Elpult D55 Central Traffic Control Sysetem installed in Szépjuhászné station. The investment was been carried out by the donation and cooperation of close to twenty companies involced in this technical area as well as the professionals of MÁV.

Int he ceremony, Mr Péter Tóth, coordinator of interlocking area within MÁV has expressed their gratitude to all parties involved, explicitly to Prolan.

The photo shows the system in use at station Szépjuhászné and our colleagues involved int he project.