Márton Feldmann has been elected Head of the Energy Committee


Our company tries to help the players of the railway freight market with its railway energy experience and knowledge.

Márton Feldmann, director of the Railway Automation Division of Prolan Process Co., has been elected to the Head of the Energy Committee established within the operational framework of HUNGRAIL Hungarian Railway Association.

"The establishment of the advocacy organization was necessary in order to find an effective solution soon to mitigate the negative effects of the drastically increased traction energy prices affecting the railway companies. The procedure takes place within the framework of HUNGRAIL, with the cooperation of the Association's member companies, and with the participation of those who operate the track network.

The committee's objective is clear: to stop the 15% decline in rail freight performance in the first quarter of 2022 and return it to a stagnant or growing path. Relative competitiveness with public roads cannot be maintained at the moment, and the ability to meet the climate goals to 2030 will become unattainable if the current conditions are preserved. In light of this, the Energy Committee must develop urgent solutions and make proposals to the Ministry of Technology and Industry, which is responsible for the transport, and to the infrastructure operators."

The committee's work is already forward-looking. The parties communicate openly with each other, and a common project has started, in which they work together to create the best result for everyone.

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Source of the images: HUNGRAIL