The parallel operation of our PRORIS-H interlocking equipment has started at Gyál railway station.


The largest development of Prolan has reached a significant milestone, at 11:35 A.M. on the  20th of July, the parallel operation of our PRORIS-H interlocking equipment has started at Gyál railway station.

The development started in the early summer of 2017, when our management board approved the founding document of the development program. In July 2018, after several months of preparatory work, we signed an agreement with MÁV Zrt. about installing the equipment foremost at Gyál railway station.

During the works started in October 2019, a total of 6,800 meters of cables were laid on track of about 3,300 meters, 10 signals were installed, and the cables have also been laid indoors. Axle counters were installed to detect the occupancy of the track sections, we also expanded the power supply equipment. The interlocking device installed in a container receives cables laid on the outside of the railway station, which run to railway signals, switches and other objects visible to the traveling public.

After a lot of tests, examinations, minor and major modifications and alterations, the Technology Systems Operation Directorate of MÁV Zrt. recommended that the equipment be put into dark operation in the report of 12th of July 2020. On 17th of July, the director of power-current and interlocking system of MÁV Zrt. issued a temporary operating license for the PRORIS-H type signaling device based on the trainings and examinations of the manning and operating personnel, the local regulations issued by the Railway Regional Directorate in Budapest, the implementation instructions, and the professional consultation.

Our interlocking system development is one of the largest projects and investments in Prolan’s thirty-year history. It is no secret goal of ours that we want future developments of railways to be executed in consideration with technologies developed by Prolan.