Professional Open Day in Prolan


ProlanFest is back after a gap of two years!  We are looking forward to welcoming you to our professional open day.

- Are you a committed rail enthusiast, or the opposite, looking to learn about our rail developments?

- Have you heard that we received the "Workplace to Love" award last year, do you wonder why?

- Are you a university student, a fresh graduate or an experienced professional?


So,  what is ProlanFest?

ProlanFest is not just an event where we open the doors of our company to the public, but it is also a fun and exciting gathering:

- You are free to ask us your professional questions and receive answers,

- You can learn about our company culture and developments,

- You can find the meaning behind being a "Workplace to Love",

- You are invited to a welcome dinner at the end of the agenda,

- Informal discussions will be held with our colleagues in the evening, with a quiz at the end.


The open day is FREE, but is subject to registration:

In order to continue the informal, family atmosphere, registrations will be limited to 30 people.