Prolan exhibited for the 5th time at InnoTrans Berlin


It was the 5th time Prolan exhibited at the InnoTrans Fair in Berlin, whereas our products and services introduced were highly arrpeciated. Our visitors had the opportunity to look at our PRORIS interlocking family products and our Prolan Energy Meter Gateway. Our colleagues were happy to host the delegations registered in advance, as well as the other visitors interested.

We presented our PRORIS Interlocking family and our PEMG2 product to audience of the trade fair:

Our PRORIS-H safety equipment is suitable to meet all the requirements the Hungarian railway network demands.

Key features of PRORIS-H:

  • Rack mounted relay core entails the key interlocking algorithms and has the most modern diagnostics.  
  • Highly flexible interface to various field equipments (level-crossings, block interlockings, switch point machine, etc.)
  • Proprietary developed Cenelec SIL4 industrial computer, called ProSigma-B completes the relay core with further interlocking features, collects signals, sends commands and offers flexible interface both to local and remote HMI or to ETCS.
  • HMI is compatible with ELPULT, the remote traffic management terminal of Prolan developed for traditional relay based interlockings.
  • Comprehensive logs and central traffic management features.

Further information is available on the product page:

The Prolan PEMG device is connected to a certified measuring equipment installed on the railway traction vehicles and is capable to both receive and read data directly from the equipment and transmit the generated (digitally signed, encrypted) data record in compliance with the standard, to the receiving unit (DCS) via 4G (3G / GPRS / GSM if required) mobile network.

Key features of PEMG:

  • The device is enabled to read or receive data from the vehicle installed equipment performing a certified energy measurement task
  • Additionally, it can perform the calculation and data storage tasks specified in the standard
  • It is suitable for compiling and transmitting data records with data content and format according to the protocol defined in the standard on GSM (mainly 4G) networks
  • Complies with the operational, privacy, encryption and other requirements specified in the standard.

Further information is available on the product page:


Thank you once again for your attention and the persistent, professional work of our colleagues!