XXIV Transport Development and Investment Conference


The XXIV Transport Development and Investment Conference was held between 16-18 April 2024 in Bükfürdő, hosted by the Greenfield Hotel Golf & Spa.

Representing Prolan Co., Péter Tóth – the company’s chief engineer of safety devices gave a presentation at the conference that showcased the latest innovations and future plans of Hungarian transport development. "Modernisation of Szombathely station, installation of new safety equipment" was the title of his presentation, the modernization project of the double-switching section of Szombathely station that solves the electrical switching and control with PRORIS-H modules was explained in details.

Preliminary to the project, a feasibility study of three different technological solutions was completed. The Prolan offer of PRORIS-H system was accepted by GySEV Zrt., as it requires the least amount of space, whilst making the mechanics completely removable, as well as profides various number of new features.

This system allows for an electronic control panel, individual locking of switches as well as the new exit call function. In addition,  furthetr technical improvements were completed during the project, such as removing the old control cabinets from the traffic office and their integration into the new domino desk, and removing  the exterior iron cabinets. The PRORIS-H system covers also the control and monitoring of the three station barriers, the unsecured reversing signals and the evasion signals.

Péter Tóth's presentation was receved by a wider audience interested in road safety and efficiency on the important developments in domestic transport. Such solutions with the overall nature of the project itself allows the double-switching area of Szombathely station to become a more advanced, more efficient and safer rail service than ever before.