23rd Transport Development and Investment Conference


The 23rd Transport Development and Investment Conference organised by the Transport Science Association (TSA) was held in Bükfürdő, between 18-20 April 2023.

The event was hosted at the Greenfield Hotel Golf & Spa. The three-day conference focused on the current state and development of Hungarian railways.

Péter Csikós, our Technical Director was invited to give a presentation at the conference this year.  He described the central traffic control and management systems developed by Prolan in his presentation.

PROLAN's ELPULT system is intended to provide remote control of certain railway station safety devices. The station ELPULT equipment , that can be controlled from a remote traffic control centre (RCCC), even allows the operation of railway stations without human traffic interference.

For further details on our central traffic control and management systems, please visit https://www.prolan.hu/hu/megoldasok/ELPULT

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