Family Friendly Company of the Year Award presented for the tenth time


The "Family Friendly Company of the Year" Awards have been ceremoniously presented at the Family Friendly Company Gala since 2015. The aim of the event on one hand is to celebrate and show publicly the responsibility, innovative ideas and commitment of companies operating in Hungary towards their employees, as well as the physical and mental health of the people and families. On the other hand, the objective is to create an honest, friendly, but appropriate garden where open-minded, future-oriented business leaders can meet and be inspired by each other.

The "Family Friendly Company of the Year" Award has since been recognized as a prestigious award, the ceremony is a high-profile event and family-friendliness is becoming increasingly widespread among Hungarian business leaders. The Gala hosts around 200 CEOs and public figures every year, with increasing media interest.

Whilst 49 companies have been awarded the “Family Friendly Company” title in 2022, it is the 3rd time our company has received the award, earning Prolan Zrt. a place among those who can proudly bear such a title.

We are proud of our traditions and our family-friendly, supportive culture.

The recognition is very much appreciated!