ITPiknik, Schönherz Matrix


Our company is based on development, we create our own software and hardware solutions, our product range consists mainly of our own developed and manufactured products. Young career starters can realize their individual ideas from the very beginning, and we are counting on their acquired knowledge. We also participated in two events for future engineers, informatics last month. For more than 10 years, the Schönherz College's biggest professional collaboration is the Schönherz Matrix Giant Display Event, which this year was not only supported by Prolan but we also created a train animation for the event. It is a great pleasure for us to get the traces of works like this: On May 2, the National Association of Hungarian Engineers and Informatics Students (MAVE) organized the ITPiknik, where our colleagues talked to young people about current developments in Prolan.

/The photos were made by SPOT./