Keep Buliding Prolan


A new building with an area of 1500 m2 has started to be constructed at the Prolan premises. In the base of the building a time capsule was placed with the help of the company’s managers.

The introduction of Prolan, a branded face mask and the colleagues’ messages were hidden in the metal capsule.

Prolan Electronics Factory Ltd., the Energy Management Devision as well as the Production Preparation and Hardware Development Departments are to be placed in the new building.

From left to right Péter Varga, Head of Production, Péter Csikós, Technical Director, Zoltán Varga, Chairman of Prolan Electronics Factory Ltd., Márton Feldmann, Head of Railway Automation Division, Ervin Szabó, Chief Executive Officer, Dániel Mráz, Chief Executive Officer, Ferenc Sörös, Chairman of the Board, and György Várnai, consultant can be seen in the photo.