Prolan trip to the Children's Railway


Prolan employees and their families took part in the Children's Raiway outing on 21 May. The family programme started in Hűvösvölgy, where various railway attractions were visited, such as the Children's Railway Museum, the traction yard (reversing gear, switchgear, vehicles, draisine gear) the traffic office (signalling equipment, and the children's railway service).

We also had the chance to have our photos taken in railway uniforms, get on the locomotives exhibited and try out the draisine gear! Riding the children operated trains was a must that could not be missed either, so our team took a „Prolan carriage” up to Szépjuhászné station, where we had the opportunity to check out the ELPULT system donated by Prolan, that is responsible for monitoring the signalling device. After a short refreshment and lunch break, the group set off again and hiked to the Károly Kaán and Imre Makovecz observation towers. We enjoyed a great time together, many thanks to everyone who joined us on this wonderful day.

Children's Railway Museum:

Karoly Kaán Lookout:

Imre Makovecz Lookout: