New CTC in Szeged


As stated in the contract, Prolan has built three systems:

the Central Traffic Supvervision (CTS/KöFE),
the Central Traffic Controll (CTC/KÖFI) and the
Catenary Remote Controller (FET).

The system was completed on time. the conformity of the EU's stringent rail safety standards has been certified by the Department of Transportation Automation at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

The technical solution

There are currently 308 stations on the MÁV network with relay-dependent isolating devices. which is the bills. flags and barriers to ensure the safe conduct of train traffic. Despite their average age of more than 25 years, the safety of the devices managed by the traffic personnel is adequate, but in connection with the rehabilitation of high-speed main lines (European corridors) it is necessary to replace the jet-boggling equipment with a new electronic system.

The main advantage of the electronic system is that in the case of the latter, traffic personnel can control and supervise only one station's platform at a time, while the use of electronic equipment enables the remote control and remote control of the security device to be integrated into a regional and national control network.

This transformation can be accomplished at significantly lower cost of expenditure on the smaller stations and outlines of the mainline lines, so that the existing jet-carrying device is supplemented by an electronic "remote control".

In the Szeged remote control project, remote control of station security equipment was completed by 13 railway stations (Kiskundorozsma, Szatymaz, Balástya, Kiste / ek, Csenge / e, Petőfiszállás, Városlőd, Galambos, Jászszentlászló, Kiskunmajsa, Harkakotöny, Soltvadkert) system and automatic switchgear, space lighting, property protection system and remote monitoring. The train traffic of the 13 stations is controlled from the node-locking remote control centers in Szeged, Kiskunfélegyháza and Kiskőrös.

In central Szeged, the central traffic control of further 28 train stations was also realized. and seven other stations (Szeged-director, Kiskunfélegyháza, Kecskemét, Nagykőros, Cegléd, Kiskunhalas, Kelebia). an outbound terminal was also created. This can be used to get information on the traffic situation of the current railway line.

Through the extensive use of central traffic management on the network of MÁV Zrt. Significant efficiency and service level improvement can be achieved. The electronic equipment (modular industrial computers) installed on railway stations and transformer stations was manufactured and supplied by PROLAN Zrt. With operating software. The application programs of the central remote control server computers have also been developed by the software engineers of the management software company.

The central traffic control can be used to ensure the traffic flow rate, the controller has a direct and instantaneous intervention capability and can increase the throughput of the line section. The new system also provides the necessary technical and traffic logging, archiving and scheduling. as well as substantially increase the rescue discipline. The project's efficiency-enhancing feature is that the traffic and technical status of a larger section of the center can be viewed in the center, so it is possible to achieve a more optimal measure in a given situation. Thanks to the fast, transparent and easy-to-understand work, the number of operating problems is expected to decrease significantly, so there will be less train delays in the area.

The Traffic Controller and Controller (KÖFE-KÖFI), which was developed in connection with upgrading, has created many additional traffic management and traffic optimization options. The long-term objective of MÁV Zrt. Is to invest in significantly improving the utilization of line capacity and to improve both passenger and freight traffic on the modernized track.

A novel financing solution

The design, construction and construction tasks of the investment had to be funded by the contractor, namely PROLAN Controltechnology Zrt. In order to achieve this, a contract with the contractor has been concluded with the contract of carriage and maintenance, which stipulates the financing conditions in detail.

The essence of the construction is that under the contract of sale MÁV Zrt. Will be obliged to pay the contractor for the contractor, whose contract is for the MÁV Zrt. MÁV Zrt. Will continue to pay this loan amount to the contractor, which will be repaid from the savings generated by the application of the system. Based on this, MÁV Zrt. Pays the cost of the investment with a grace period of 2 years in 10 years, while Prolan Zrt. Performs troubleshooting and maintenance tasks for 15 years after the transfer.