The train is no longer running


Budakalász, Lenfonó! A passenger car came from Halberstadt as a new community place for the company.

The so-called. Halberstadt car, which now functions as a multifunctional space at the headquarters of our company for the pleasure of our colleagues, children and children in the area.

In recognition of our 2016 Family Friendly Workplace proposal, we received 800 000 HUF non-refundable support for the development of community space. This is according to our application, by purchasing an old railway wagon and adapting it according to the purpose until 1st June, 2017.

The wagon offers the opportunity to supervise the children of our employees during the summer season, camp for 1 week, and for colleagues to set up a seating area and as a meeting place.

We organize our social responsibility programs more consciously year by year, so the wagon offers an opportunity for our two CSR projects:

We plan to create a so-called community space. railway simulation corner, where we use present-day products to show presentations, career orientation lessons for children. They would get acquainted with our Locomotive On-Board Equipment (which is the basis of the domestic ELVIRA), to introduce our loud passenger information system and many other rail developments, thus enabling future generations of engineering.
Every parent has the greatest fear that his child will become a victim of violence. To reduce the risk to children, we would consider school violence prevention programs not only for our own children and grandchildren, but also for students from surrounding schools. Experience pedagogical training focuses on children's spatial awareness, proactive strategies, and empathic skills.

About the wagon

In recent years, the wagon was on the line of GYSEV until last autumn. The used Passenger Carriages 51 43 84-36 001-2 was acquired by the company in 2006. The car was originally a 23-seat multi-purpose bicycle wagon, which was mainly used on lines around Sopron. The company became the new fleet of FLIRTs.