We received recognition award at the KTE's Ceremony


It was our PRORIS product family that won the Transport Innovation Award in 2022. Dr. Gergely Suba and Tamás Pecsérke received a recognition certificate at the expanded annual National Board Meeting of the Transport Science Association on February 9 at the D50 Cultural Hotel, handed over by, Dr. János Fónagy, President of KTE, and Dr. Alex Bozóky, CEO of the National Toll Payment Services Ltd.

Márton Feldman,  our director of the railway automation business unit also participated at the annual event  as president of the KTE Railway Section, whereas was honoured the Golden Badge for his work achievements

About the PRORIS product family

Our desire is to provide solution by our signaling equipments (already in place at three domestic stations) for all known and potential railway demands in the future, through which the predictability, safety and efficiency of Hungarian rail transport can be significantly improved.

The role of the safety devices is to secure the safety of the railway track and traffic, to check the conditions for safe traffic and to control the signals authorising or prohibiting the movement of rail and road traffic. The correct functioning of the system is directly linked to the safety of human health and property, and therefore the safety equipment must be designed to a very high safety level, SIL4 (Safety Integrity Level 4).

The core function of the signaling system is to ensure the interdependencies between railway objects (including switches, signals, railway barriers, derailers, track closers, reversing signals), resulting a rather complex system.