Passenger Information System

Our system is suitable for urban and domestic traffic, for passenger information on timetables, as well as for providing other information as an advertising space.

Our devices incorporate structural elements suitable for outdoor and indoor use and can provide vandal-proof design. The enclosure and display surface can be flexibly resized to size and functionality according to the technical and business requirements of the given service, color and design.

The elements of the system may be installed on a pedestal or a wall attached to a station, a waiting area and a stopover (peron, passage), or to vehicles mounted on vehicles (carriageway equipment, so-called KFB). The latter can work directly with our on-board equipment (MFB). The information to be displayed can be centrally managed, and the operating status can be centrally managed. The remote management of passenger information systems can ensure the continuous reception of data from existing service systems of the given service provider and the integrated and efficient operation of the system.