One minute averages

  • Voltage RMS
  • Voltage increase/decrease RMS
  • Current RMS
  • Active and reactive performance RMS
  • Total harmonic distortion in voltage and current
  • Individual number of harmonics measurement in voltage and current
  • Voltage asymmetry
  • Current min/max RMS
  • Voltage min/max RMS
  • Total harmonic distortion in voltage and current min/max


  • Voltage dip/swell
  • Voltage interruption
  • Fast voltage changes
  • Flickers


  • Measuring the voltage quality characteristics according to IEC 61000-4-3 standard
  • Accuracy of voltage and current measurement: ≤1%
  • Measurement of 3 phase voltage protected with internal fuse
  • 4 current measurements with Rogowski coil
  • Replaceable current measuring sensors equipped with IP65 connectors
  • LTE 4G communication, with internal antenna
  • MQTT data forwarding
  • Remote parameterization and firmware update
  • 3,5 minute power supply backup for LTE communication
  • Power supply from at least 1 existing phase
  • LED status indications on the front panel
  • UV resistant IP65 construction
  • Installation without disassembling the device
  • Installation under voltage GPS location identification (optional)
Input voltage 100…280 VAC
Power consumption 3 W average, max. 5 W
Frequency 48…52 Hz
Operation temperature -25…75 °C
Voltage measurement 3 phase
Accuracy of voltage measurement ≤1 %
Voltage measurement range 0…280 VAC
Overloading possibility of voltage measurement 400 VAC
Internal fuse 10x38 mm, 1A, 500V, I1>100kA
Current measurement 4 pcs Rogowski sensor
Accuracy of current measurement ≤1 %
Range of current measurement 10…6000 A
Overloading possibility of voltage measurement 20 kA
Surge 6 kV
Insulation strength 2.5 kVeff
Power backup time 3.5 minute
Sampling frequency 32 kHz
Power supply source From measured network
Restarting time after the returning of the supply voltage <20 s
Internal clock accuracy <1 s/day
Remote communication LTE 4G, GPRS
Local communication 2 x RS485 (optional)
IP protection IP65
Dimensions 193 x 164 x 93.3 mm
Mounting With screw (optionally with straps)
Weight (together with the cables) 3 Kg