On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of our company, in the first issue of INNORAIL Magazine in 2020 those interested can also read about the most significant milestones of Prolan, the thoughts of the members of the Board of Directors and the Pusztaszabolcs-Dombóvár KÖFi project.


Internship at Prolan

This year our interns are students from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics and the University of Óbuda.


30-year history of Prolan

This year, we commemorated the 30-year history of Prolan. We have celebrated the 30th anniversary of Prolan with our colleagues and their families at the Hungarian Railway Museum and Park. All pandemic regulations were strictly kept.


The parallel operation of our PRORIS-H interlocking equipment has started at Gyál railway station.

The largest development of Prolan has reached a significant milestone, at 11:35 A.M. on the  20th of July, the parallel operation of our PRORIS-H interlocking equipment has started at Gyál railway station.


Prolan summer day camp

Schools closed in March as a result of the epidemiological emergency posed unprecedented challenges for parents with young children. In many cases, they had to deal not only with studying and working from home at the same time, but also with how they could stay home with children for such a long time. In this situation, the importance of summer camps and the demand for them has increased. We started the fourth annual daycare camp at Prolan which aroused great interest. In July, the children and grandchildren of our employees can camp for up to five weeks in a safe and beautiful environment with qualified teachers. As a family-friendly workplace, we were happy to take on this challenge.



The 30-year-old Prolan Zrt. is donating 7 million HUF to the National Blood Supply Service and helping the local government of Budakalász to solve the epidemic situation with an additional 3 million HUF grant.